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The project is cooperation between Norwegian and Palestinian artist together with:
Harding Puls,  Hardanger Fartøyvernsenter    
The Palestinian Association for Contemporary Art (PACA)

The workshop is going to take place at Norheimsund in Hardanger – along the fjord going into the country behind the town Bergen.

Hardanger Maritime centre is a section of the County Museum,http://www.hardangerogvossmuseum.no/hardanger-fartoeyvernsenter/norsk/besoek-oss.aspx and do have a workshop for production of ropes and cordage which will be the basic material in our production of the textile sculpture. We are also going to use recycled materials such as fishing nets both from Gaza and Hardanger.
The textile scupture will be the summer exhibition at the centre from 12.May – 31.August 2013

The Project; “Human Roots” is a workshop with dicussions concurrent with the making of the sculpture.
The understanding and interpretation of the concept of Human Roots are dependent on life experience, the society and perception of history. With Palestinian and Norwegian artist working and exhibiting together the concept of Human Roots will be elucidated from an existential point of view. The artists do present a diversity of cultural and religious backgrounds: Muslim, Christian and secular. The project is developing through a continuous dialogue.
This group of artist did work together in the autumn 2011, producing a mosaic mural for the Old City of Bir Zeit with the theme Olive Tree. The Palestinian artists were the hosts that time. Now with this workshop and exhibition and the Norwegian artists want to reciprocate and to be hosts for The Palestinian artist in Norway.

The workshop in Norway:
When we had the workshop in Palestine, we made a mosaic with the theme of olive tree. In continuation of the project we decided to work with the theme “Human roots”. For the coming project we would like to challenge ourselves by working with rope making. In Palestine we worked with mosaic, which has roots and tradition from that area and which is two-dimensional work of Art. This time we have an opportunity to work with a craft with long roots in the Norwegian history and which will be three-dimensional. Ropes have many associations and can help to tie us together. By working together we continue the important part of the workshop we had; the meeting between artists, cooperation and working with materials. Rope- making is physical work and give us many directions to work by working three-dimensional. Talking about the history and meaning of rope- making in Norway and Palestine and interpersonal ties can be interesting and open up for many interesting dialogues. We are all born with ties, something common for all.
In the Hardanger fjord on the west coast of Norway, The Museum of Voss and Hardanger has a section with a maritime craft centre, Fartøyvernsenter. They do have the only rope makers in a living tradition specialised in restore and build wooden boats especially. Nearby there is a large artists house with studios and apartments. We will cooperate with them and the local artist group.
The theme:Are Human Roots related to countries, land, places, houses or people, family, friends, language?
In our time with globalisation roots can take many forms. For some people roots can be expanded and replanted according to own will and aspirations. Some people have to defend their roots through hard struggle. Some people want to stay where they do have their original roots but are chased away, deported, removed, abused, arrested, their homes are destroyed, demolished, cleared from the ground. Others want to replace their roots but are denied even however much they wanted. They are not welcomed; they do not have the same opportunities, but are rendered suspect, fortune hunters, and criminals.Are Human Roots a symbolic picture of being earthbound like a plant while the aspirations, the longing, and the imaginations takes on wings? The attachment to friends and belonging to various places need feet, some make symbols out of the interplay of feet and roots.

Through dialogue in the working process with the ropes we want to explore the understanding of “Human roots”
This profound theme with existential importance we consider as important for a wider audience. We are therefore going to work out how we can make the best documentation and presentation of the discussions and work together.
The time for the workshop is 2nd. – 12th May 2013.


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